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We are proud to offer extra enrichment opportunities for the students who are enrolled in our preschool programs. As an academically focused preschool, we have created an environment to stimulate a child’s curiosity and growth. To take learning a step further than the normal classroom experience, we have crafted unique enrichment classes which allow students to be creative and have easy access to fun subjects without adding more stress to caregivers’ already busy schedules.

Each year we offer two options for both our 3’s group and our 4’s group. Because we want our students to have the most enriching experience possible, we keep these group sizes small with limited space available.

Tuition: $38 / month each class

2020-2021 3’s Enrichments


We have the extreme pleasure to have access to the gymnastics club where there is ample space for our students to get all their wiggles out. During this class, our students fly like butterflies, bounce like bunnies and waddle like penguins all while learning balance, how to follow directions, take turns and above all confidence.


¡Bienvenidos! In this exciting, interactive class, students will learn and explore the Spanish language through playtime activities such as stories, drama, singing, movement, games, art, puppets and so much more. This class will assist your child in building basic conversation skills and acquiring age appropriate vocabulary. Topics may include greetings, colors, numbers, animals, family, weather and days of the week.

2020-2021 4’s Enrichments


Technology is all around us. We use it every day in our adult lives and children are using it too. Computer science is the fastest growing job market but it is a skill not regularly taught in school. In fact, it is mostly inaccessible for children. While it may seem like a daunting skill for young children to learn, when broken down it is certainly something they are up to the task of. Learning coding promotes the development of critical thinking and emotional competencies that set up students for long-term success. Students will learn to problem solve, develop resilience, how to think creatively & logically and simply have fun with math all without the need of a computer.


The Athletic Edge is passionate about getting kids active at every age. We have been given the privilege to be able to teach our gymnastics and fitness class in their facility which is located next door to our preschool. During this class students will learn balance, spacial awareness, team-work, and confidence all while sprinting like cheetahs, jumping like frogs and walking like flamingos.

“Discover your mind, discover your soul. Learn your heart, learn to grow.” – Unknown